Tell Me Your Story

Who are you?

Over the last year or so, ninety people attended events held by STC-Montreal. The Facebook page for STC-Montreal has 70 fans. Yesterday, a couple hundred people visited this site to read the proposal for a new organization for technical writers.

So who are you all?

Many of you I have met, and some I know well. But I’m curious — what brought you here? What brought you to this career, to this community, and to this page?

For myself, I applied for a job in technical writing in 1993 because I wasn’t making much money as a journalist. I discovered STC-Montreal during that first job. Since then, I have worked in multiple fields as a tech writer, also as an information architect, web designer and  photographer. I spent five years working for myself.

And all the way through it, the community of technical writers in Montreal was a constant presence in my life. Thanks to that community, I found work. I discovered public speaking. I found love, and married a wonderful woman who is also a technical writer. I want to see if there’s a way to continue to contribute to that community.

Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?


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  1. Hello!

    I found this page through Twitter, and I really like what I’ve seen so far!

    I came to technical writing through programming. I did a degree in computer science but found my job as a programmer a bit boring. I actually remember looking at the clock, counting the hours until my day was done 😉 Then one day I had to document the program I had developed and I loved it! So I went back to school, did a degree in English, and started a tech writing career.

    I used to be an STC member many years ago, when the company that I worked for paid the fees. But I changed job and the new company would not pay for the membership. By that time, I felt that the 200$+ dues were not worth it, considering that I could get most of the information I wanted on the web or in books. But I would clearly be interested in an independant Montreal tech writing community, as you are proposing in this blog.

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