Name Voting — Second Round

The results of the first round of voting are in, and I have to say I’m a bit surprised by the results. The voting was far from conclusive, so we’re going to do another round.

Those names that got no votes last time have been disqualified. And as before, if you have a new suggestion to make, please do! This is a great time to exercise your creativity.

Edit: Some people have asked in the comments if we are restricted to voting for these names. Absolutely not. Check out the previous post on naming for additional suggestions. But one idea that is coming out of this process is that maybe a long name that turns into an acronym is too stuffy, too 90s. This process will continue until we have something workable.

ATCM – “Association for Technical Communication in Montreal – Association pour technologie et communication de Montréal”

3 votes. Commentors pointed out that the English and French versions are too different. An French version with better grammar might be: ”Association pour la technologie et la communication de Montréal.”

CTMTC – Communicateurs Techniques de Montréal Technical Communicators   

3 votes. Commentors questioned the applicability of the French word “Communicateurs.” The OLF defines communicater as:Personne exerçant une profession reliée à la communication et qui doit habituellement accomplir plusieurs tâches (la conception, la rédaction et le graphisme de publications papier ou électroniques, les relations avec les médias, la planification d’événements, etc.).”

WOMBAT — Writers of Montreal: Business and Technology    

3 votes. I’m wog-boggled.

CTCM – Canadian Technical Communicators of Montreal – Communicateurs technique Canadiens de Montreal

2 votes. Commentors pointed out that this name suggests a pan-Canadian organization, which could be misleading.

ARMPCTS — Association régionale de Montréal des professionels de la communication technique et scientifique

1 vote.

YULC —Montreal Communicators

1 vote. I kinda like this one.

So have at it, and make your voice heard.



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34 responses to “Name Voting — Second Round

  1. Mary Perchanok

    Another non-acroynm: COMMNT

  2. Mary Perchanok

    variations: //COMMNT or
    oops, we’re not all writing about software, but I bet we’re all using software.

  3. Mary Perchanok

    oops sorry forgot to escape (see if this works): <!–COMMNT–>

  4. I rather like YULC, but it also raises the potential for a whole galaxy of neologisms. For example, MtlTechComm is neither English nor French.

  5. Mary Perchanok

    Okay, I’m pitching here: COMMNT
    Communicators Montreal. “Comment: in English and “How” in French.

  6. I like COMMNT in general, but I think the idea is to be specific to technical communicators.

    What about Technical Communicator’s Association of Montreal? TCAM (“tee-cam”). Short, sweet, and says what it needs to say.

  7. Chris

    If there’s an issue with “communicateurs,” we could use “communication,” instead. CTMTC, for instance, would become “Communication Technique de Montréal Technical Communication.” Problem solved.

    However, there seems to be some disagreement about using “technical communication” in the first place. Do people want to move away from TC? Do we want to use just “communication” — that vague, open-ended word — to describe what we do?

  8. Me

    YULC won’t be understandable by anyone not in aviation. (YUL is the designator for Trudeau International.) If our focus was aviation, we could do it but otherwise I think we need to pass on it.

  9. The ATCM is wrong en français. It would be a shame if that one wins.

  10. Chris

    Hmm, WOMBAT is in the lead…far in the lead. Methinks it’s time for an e-mail ballot.

  11. ARMPCTS not only too long, but unpronounceable.

  12. Mary Perchanok

    What are the Other(s) people are voting for? Are there other names that might work that that are getting lost?

  13. Patrick Bayne

    Do we really have no other options? I have some serious concerns about the accuracy of the French translations and before we vote on these we should at the least make sure they’re accurate. Especially given our profession.

    And as for WOMBAT, well as a professional do you really see yourself putting that on your resume? It does have a bit of whimsy to it though.


  14. @Chris: I think keeping with technical communication is a good idea, simply to keep people from becoming confused about what it is we do. On the other hand, I’m also beginning to agree with Mary’s suggestion that acronyms may be too stuffy. Also, the bilingual acronyms such as CTMTC are too convoluted for people to remember.

    And as for WOMBAT… it’s there for fun. I don’t think we’ll be calling the organization by that name regardless of the vote. But it is fun and memorable, so it may be pointing the right direction.

    @Michel: If you have a better suggestion, please speak up!

    @Mary: There is a link to view the “Other” votes.

    • >And as for WOMBAT… it’s there for fun. I don’t think we’ll be calling the organization by that name regardless of the vote.

      So, the runaway success doesn’t count? Don’t make me sic Elections Canada on you.

      • Ev

        >And as for WOMBAT… it’s there for fun. I don’t think we’ll be calling the organization by that name regardless of the vote.

        And I don’t think we’ll be calling those frivolous computers bearing a logo image of an apple with one bite removed ‘Apples’ either! 🙂

  15. Josée Lafleur

    Good thing people are starting a new, more realistic approach to tech com. After 24 years, I cancelled my STC membership. They have become outdated in terms of membership costs, way too high considering global economy ; their certification program is non sense . I voted for CTMTC as the acronym suits French as well.

    I suggest, however, that you change Montreal for Quebec as there are tech com professionals in Quebec City and even smaller, farther regions. I have been approached by several French-only tech writers on LinkedIn.

    I can help in translating this new group’s communication towards French. Say Hi !

    If you plan on using “communication”… it always takes an “s” in French when referring to an association or group.


  16. Patrick

    I’m generally in favor of something short and given Josee’s comment something that’s non-geographically restrictive might be a good idea. So how about ATC (Association of Technical Communicators or Association for Technical Communications)? Don’t know how it would work in French and yes it’s a straight rip-off of STC.


  17. Esther Nadeau

    Hi, I am from Québec city. As you know there is no chapter here. I don’t think that there is another one in the whole province. So, I was thinking, maybe you could make this association “provincial”. Maybe we could roundup other orphans like me who could participate virtually.

  18. I voted for CTMTC – short and sweet, bilingual, and pertinent.

  19. The ‘trouble’ with Technical Communication is that — like it or not — it’s come to mean software manuals written by Robohelp and FrameMaker jockeys.

    The field has broadened so much — UI, instructional design, video and multimedia — is not included in the baggage associated with Technical Communication. We need to broaden our appeal to other areas of engineering, science, and technology.

    No name will be perfect, but if we stick with Technical Communication, we’re not indicating a break.

    • Patrick

      Problem with that is that if the name chosen is too generic it may appeal to no one. I think we need to consider who we expect our core membership to be and choose a name that appeals to this group. We can leave membership open to anyone interested and have events that appeal to a broader group.

      • Good points. But may I suggest that we avoid appealing “mostly” to IT communicators? Montreal is a hub for many other industries (aerospace and pharma come to mind) that employ writers, editors, course developers, illustrators, etc. We must make sure that we also appeal to these groups.

  20. Andy

    One thing I’d like to add is that there’s nothing to prevent non-traditional audiences from joining us. For example, data visualization and illustrators. They’re ‘technical communicators’ too. This, of course, means getting outside our comfort zone.

    No new organization will be what STC once was — a peer to peer education society like what we saw in the days of big, hard to do computing when FrameMaker rule the Earth.

    Let’s have fun with it!

  21. I vote for an acronym that is simple and easy to remember while providing a good description of the group.
    How about:
    ACTW – Association of Canadian Technical Writers
    or CTWA- Canadian Technical Writers Association
    or TEC Group – TEchnical Communicators Group – I like this one. You can call the members “Techies” for short.. but that’s just more for fun. A bit more relaxed and not too formal – reflecting the spirit of the group.
    Then, you can include those engineering and anyone who works with technology (or who appreciates it).

    I’m not a member but I’m just throwing this out there because I like creating acronyms. LOL

  22. Esther Nadeau

    Encore une suggestion/Yet another suggestion:
    Association québécoise de rédaction technique (AQRT), Quebec Technical Writing Association (QTWA)

  23. How about Rédacteurs Professionels de Montréal Professional Writers (RPMPW).

  24. Andy

    How about Ars Communica?

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