What is the Future of the Blog?

It’s been five weeks since my last post. This was unintentional — illness and heavy work schedule left little time for anything but the essentials.

However, this blog will continue to be an important part of this association. The plan is to fold it into the main web site and make it a regular feature. One of the problems with the current web design is that it is very news-and-events heavy, and provides no space for the administrative council to speak their minds. A new design is underway that will rectify that issue. The content of this blog will be moved into the main site, and the thread will pick up there.

So what’s happened in the last month?

  • We have a new name! Ars Communica!
  • Volunteer meetings have been keeping to a regular schedule. New people have been taking up roles within the organization, and you’ll be hearing from them soon.
  • We have a entirely new kind of event — Blitz Talks — coming up at the end of the month, a new kind of participatory event that has both a creative and social dimension. The announcement will be forthcoming this weekend.
  • We’re building a new web site.
  • We’re building a proper business plan.
  • We’re researching software to manage membership — something to handle payment, acknowledgement and followup emails, and renewal and cancellation, all automatically.

And none of this is happening as fast as we’d like. But all our effort is on a volunteer basis, subject to the available time that each of us has in our own lives.

The gears are engaged, the wheels turning, and Ars Communica is coming to life. It’s going to be a great year.


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